An Image of the Project
A responsive React website created for the University of Toronto Computer Graphics Club. During which I learned React and the preexisting code base in less than 2 weeks, leading front-end development as a result. [See resume for project details]

Hello, I'm Akiki Liang; software engineer and UI/UX Designer. I am currently persuing a honors bachelors of science (H.B.Sc) in Computer Science with a minor in Statistics at the University of Toronto's St.George campus.

This past summer I worked as a STEP intern at Google, in the Cloud product area, on the Google Workspace Marketplace team.

Last summer, after my first year of university, I worked as an Independent Contractor for a startup in Toronto, where I designed and developed a full stack web widget with statistics tracking pixel from scratch completely on my own. The semester after, I worked for the same company along side school to redesign and build their researcher dashboard among other tasks.

I would love to chat about employment or internship opportunities. Please see my resume for contact information and hope to talk with you soon! (email prefered).